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Integrated Systems

Technology is advancing so fast that most systems can now communicate with each other. Taking this thought one step further most systems can be controlled remotely.


From a head office a delivery operative could be allowed access to an unmanned storage area 400 miles away. 
  • The delivery person presses a button on the entry panel calling head office. The operator then verifies the identity of the caller using audio link and CCTV. 

  • An intruder alarm for the particular delivery area can be isolated.

  • The lighting in the area can be illuminated.

  • The doors can then opened by the controller, allowing access to the area.

  • The progress of the delivery can be constantly monitored using the CCTV system.

  • This continues until the delivery is complete and then the process is carried out in reverse, allowing the site to be returned to it previous secure state.

This method also removes the problem of monitoring loan workers.

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