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Access Control

DASH provides expert design and installation of a wide range of different manufacturers systems, ensuring that we can deliver an effective way of securing your particular property.

A properly designed system will ensure the effective control of the vulnerable areas of your premises, the Entrances. Whether this is Staff or Public doors the piece of mind afforded by a well installed and managed system is immense.

An intelligent Access Control System can also act as a “time clock” logging comings and goings of all members of staff. Visitors and contractors can also be issued with temporary codes, cards or tokens. It is also possible to link remote sites to the main office for easy management.

These systems can be linked to a Fire Alarm, opening all doors and providing a printout of everyone on the premises when there is an activation.

In addition to this the system can be linked to a CCTV system displaying a picture of anyone going through any of the controlled doors.


Many ways to control access to car parks and yards are available
This ranges from Barriers and Gates to Automatic Rising Bollards.


There are a wide range of door operators available from simple fire system controlled door closers to fully automated “no touch” opening and closing. 

Full Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) compliant advice and installation is available for all access situations.


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