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How many cameras are in your CCTV systems?

We do not have CCTV systems as such - each system is designed to suit the individual circumstances and requirement of your site. The exact specification and recommendations will be arrived at only following a detailed (Free of Charge) site survey.

Why does the cost of a CCTV system vary so much?

CCTV cameras vary in type and resolution from the basic analogue cameras 700 to 900 Lines to the new megapixel HD and IP units.
The quality of picture varies just as much.
The greater the number of lines a camera has the better quality picture is produced.
This is important if the image is going to be recorded and used for evidential purposes.

What guarantee is there on my system?

There is a one-year guarantee on all equipment and workmanship.

Do I need to have signs telling people of the system?

Yes - the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) requires that properly worded signs be displayed at the entrance to each CCTV monitored area.

Is a CCTV system only used for Security?

No, in fact, security is only a small part of the usefulness of a well designed system. There is an amazing amount of Management Information to be gained from a well designed system. CCTV can also be used to monitor footfall and customer flow in any retail outlet.

Can I see CCTV on my Mobile Phone?

Yes, most DVR's (Digital Video Recorders) can be connected to the Internet and have software that will allow you to view your Business or Home on your phone from anywhere in the world.

What equipment manufacturer do you use?

We do not use only one manufacturer. We choose the best equipment for the task and that can be from any manufacturer.

Can you repair any type of System?

Yes - we can usually repair or source spare parts for most proprietary brands of security equipment.