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A Closed Circuit Television system (CCTV) system designed by DASH is intended to give true value for money with consideration given to all of the potential uses of that system.

While a CCTV system is indeed, an effective security tool and deterrent, the possibilities for management and process review are massive.

Most CCTV systems are recorded digitally onto a hard drive of one type or another. Digital Recorders (DVR) can also be attached to a local computer network (LAN) allowing video and audio to be accessed by any authorised workstation either in the office or elsewhere. This information can also be viewed over the Internet. This can be over a Wide Area Network (WAN), perhaps a second office, a laptop or a Mobile Phone.

The DVR is the centre of any CCTV system and can be intelligently linked to other systems. These systems include Access Control, Security Lighting, Fire and Intruder systems.

The higher quality DVR’s can also transmit real time pictures to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) ensuring any situation is monitored 24 hours a day.

Following our free first consultation we will design a system to exactly meet your needs. With no specific affiliation to any one manufacturer we are free to source and specify the piece of equipment that best suits your situation.

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Access Control

DASH provides expert design and installation of a wide range of different manufacturers systems, ensuring that we can deliver an effective way of securing your particular property.

A properly designed system will ensure the effective control of the vulnerable areas of your premises, the Entrances. Whether this is Staff or Public doors the peace of mind afforded by a well installed and managed system is immense.

An intelligent Access Control System can also act as a “time clock” logging comings and goings of all members of staff. Visitors and contractors can also be issued with temporary codes, cards or tokens.

These systems can be linked to a Fire Alarm, opening all doors and providing a printout of everyone on the premises when there is an activation.

In addition to this, the system can be linked to a CCTV system displaying a picture of anyone going through any of the controlled doors.


Many ways to control access to car parks and yards are available
These range from Barriers and Gates to Automatic Rising Bollards.


There are a wide range of door operators available from simple fire system controlled door closers to fully automated “no touch” opening and closing.

Full Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) compliant advice and installation are available for all access situations.

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Integrated Systems

Technology is advancing so fast that most systems can now communicate with each other. Taking this thought one step further most systems can be controlled remotely.


From a head office a delivery operative could be allowed access to an unmanned storage area 400 miles away.

The delivery person presses a button on the entry panel calling head office. The operator then verifies the identity of the caller using audio link and CCTV.

An intruder alarm for the particular delivery area can be isolated.

The lighting in the area can be illuminated.

The doors can then opened by the controller, allowing access to the area.

The progress of the delivery can be constantly monitored using the CCTV system.

This continues until the delivery is complete and then the process is carried out in reverse, allowing the site to be returned to it previous secure state.

This method also removes the problem of monitoring loan workers.

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Domestic Security

DASH provides a full range of security for the large or small domestic situation.


We can provide a simple CCTV camera or cameras which can be viewed on a television set. Depending on the setup of the aerial system the pictures can be viewed on all of the televisions in the property.
Digital recording can allow a record of all callers to be kept.
In addition the system can be connected to your internet and viewed from your office PC, laptop or mobile phone.

Allowing you to be “in when you’re out”.


A basic intruder alarm can alert you on your mobile every time your premises are accessed, and by whom.

By using the alarm and the remote CCTV together you become your own monitoring station.
This ensures that the police are only called when you have verified the alarm.

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